Test Services

My flammability test lab is fully accepted by the FAA to conduct materials tests to show compliance with Parts 23, 25, 27 & 29. Part 25 specific regulations are 25.853(a)(d) [interiors], 25.855(b)(d) [cargo], 25.856(a) [insulation], and 25.869(a)(4)/25.1713(c) [wire]. I offer extremely competitive rates and quick turnarounds. I am keenly aware of the need for timely support for emergent issues such as a design change during the mod.  Please note that all of my rates include DER/UM witnessing at no extra charge.

Bunsen Burner:

• 60 Second Vertical per Appendix F Part I(a)(1)(i)

• 12 Second Vertical per Appendix F Part I(a)(1)(ii)

• 2.5”/minute Horizontal per Appendix F Part I(a)(1)(iv)

• 4”/minute Horizontal per Appendix F Part I(a)(1)(v)

• 45 degree Burnthrough per Appendix F Part I(a)(2)(ii) & (iii)

• 60 degree Wire per Appendix F Part I(3)

Heat Release - Appendix F Part IV

Smoke Density - Appendix F Part V

Insulation Flame Propagation - Appendix F Part VI

Toxicity - Colorimetric tube method only - 6 gas species (CO, NOx, SO2, HCl, HF, HCN)


You won’t find better rates anywhere and most of my competitors won’t even publish their rates because they are so high!  I include DER/UM witnessing and approval with all testing when properly delegated.  By including witnessing in my fees there is a significant cost savings over all of my competitors! October 1, 2023 marks my first rate increase since March 1, 2018. New rates are as follows;

Bunsen burner - $100/set up to 3 samples. Additional samples tested at $15/each.

Heat Release - $225/set up to 3 samples. Additional samples tested at $50/each.

Smoke Density - $225/set up to 3 samples. Additional samples tested at $50/each.

Radiant Panel Flame Propagation - $300/set of 3. $500/set of 10.

Toxicity - $350/set up to 3 samples. Additional samples tested at $150/each.

Toxicity without concurrent smoke testing - $450/set up to 3 samples.

Quantity discounts are available.

Standard turnaround time is 3-5 days. Previously, I never charged expedite fees, but I continually get asked for 2 day turnaround for customers that have extremely tight schedules. That gives me a day for conditioning and a day for testing.  I can’t always meet that goal, but for +25% I will sure try hard!

Please contact me for further information.

NOTICE!! At KTC I do destructive testing.  Why spend so much money on bubble wrap? Keep it and use it for real aircraft parts!

Heat Release and Smoke Density

Bunsen burner and the old conditioning chamber

Flame propagation - FTC unit converted from propane to electric

Heat Release

Bunsen burner Cabinets

Smoke Density

New Weiss conditioning chamber in 2016

Exhaust Duct System

Sample Prep