I have over 20 years of experience with TC, STC, and PMA projects certificated through the FAA, non-US CAAs and ODAs. I can support all Transport Canada projects as a test witness with TCCA authorization.  I am a Unit Member of multiple ODAs including Collins - B/E Flight Structures, NAT, Jamco, Boeing, United Airlines, American Airlines, 3S Engineering, & Timco. I offer complete project support from inception to certification to certificate maintenance. I can assist with Major Repairs and Alterations with design approvals and testing.  The level of support can be tailored to meet your project’s needs.

DER Services

• Engineering Consultation – Design & Requirements

• Certification Plan Review

• Issue Paper/ESF Drafting and Review

• Drawing Review and Approval

• Service Bulletin Review and Approval

• Test Plan and Report Review and Approval

• Test Witness – your lab or mine

My DER authorizations include full approval for all interior material flammability needs for all types of aircraft including small aircraft, rotorcraft, and transport category aircraft.

Bunsen Burner Flammability - 23.853(a)(d)(3), 25.853(a), 27.853(a), 29.853(a)(b)

Cargo Bunsen Burner - 23.855(b)(c)(2), 25.855(d), 27.855(a), 29.855(a)

Wire Burn - 23.1359(c), 25.869(a)(4), 25.1713(c), 27.1365(c), 29.1359(c)

Seat Oil Burn - 25.853(c)

Heat Release and Smoke Density - 25.853(d)(e)

Cargo Oil Burn - 25.855(c)

Insulation Flame Propagation - 23.856, 25.856(a)

Insulation Burnthrough - 25.856(b) (Recommend Approval only)

I also have authority to find compliance to JAA JARs / EASA CSs when properly delegated.

I can also typically support Major Repairs and Major Alterations. Please contact me for further information.