DER Services


I have over 17 years experience with TC and STC projects certificated through the FAA,  non-US CAAs and ODAs.  I am a Unit Member of multiple ODAs including B/E Flight Structures, NAT, Jamco, Boeing, United Airlines, American Airlines, 3S Engineering, & Timco. I offer complete project support from inception to certification to certificate maintenance. The level of support can be tailored to meet your project’s needs.

  1. Engineering Consultation – Design & Requirements

  2. Certification Plan Review

  3. Issue Paper/ESF Drafting and Review

  4. Drawing Review and Approval

  5. Service Bulletin Review and Approval

  6. Test Plan and Report Review and Approval

  7. Test Witness – your lab or mine

My DER authorizations include full approval for most flammability needs for all types of aircraft including small aircraft, rotorcraft, and transport category aircraft.

Bunsen Burner Flammability - 23.853(a)(d)(3), 25.853(a), 27.853(a), 29.853(a)(b)

Cargo Bunsen Burner - 23.855(b)(c)(2), 25.855(d), 27.855(a), 29.855(a)

Wire Burn - 23.1359(c), 25.869(a)(4), 25.1713(c), 27.135(c), 29.1359(c)

Seat Oil Burn - 25.853(c)

Heat Release and Smoke Density - 25.853(d)(e)

Cargo Oil Burn - 25.855(c)

Insulation Flame Propagation - 25.856(a)

Insulation Burnthrough  - 25.856(b) (Recommend Approval only)

I also have authority to find compliance to JAA JARs / EASA CSs when properly delegated.

I can also typically support Major Repairs and Major Alterations. Please contact me for further information.